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"A hospital is no place to be sick." Samuel Goldwyn (1882 - 1974)

Dear Friend,

May greetings! We launch our newsletter with a quote that-while rather tongue-in-cheek-tends to illustrate the fact that once illness gains a foothold, we stand to lose tremendous control over our lives. Therefore, we embrace the empowering notion of disease prevention-which might include any natural supplement, strategy, or behavior that helps safeguard your wellness and keep major health problems at bay.

May features a host of National Health Observances and we focus here on two important ones. The first is National Stroke Awareness Month, which offers a prime opportunity to learn more about the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. and-most importantly-how you can avoid it. We hope you find our short article 6 Natural Keys to Stroke Prevention illuminating-especially as one of these "keys" will likely be new to you.

May is also National Osteoporosis Prevention Month. Did you know that until recent years, osteoporosis was generally thought to be a "normal" part of aging? That would come as a surprise to many other world cultures that have little, if any, incidence of this debilitating disease. So, can you prevent it? See what you think after perusing our brief article on Outsmarting Osteoporosis.

Thanks for your interest as we continue our special newsletter series. We have much to share with you, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, happy spring-and a lavish toast to your wellness!

Kiki Powers, MS, CNC


6 Natural Keys to Stroke Prevention

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, which invites a closer look at the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

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Outsmarting Osteoporosis

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 10 million Americans are currently diagnosed with osteoporosis, and 34 million adults areat risk.

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