Breakthrough, 100% ALL Natural, Gourmet Weight-Loss Protein
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Permalean products were formulated on the basis of the real truth about what is good for the human body.
The Permalean® Gourmet Protein System is vastly more effective than ordinary “diet” or “energy” products.
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You will Love the Taste, Lose
the Fat and Change your Life!

Introducing PermaLean® Gourmet Protein - the World’s only 100% All-Natural, Gourmet, Bio-Available Protein System in the World. Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Build Muscle with the Breakthrough, All-Natural PermaLean® Gourmet Protein System.

Protein Shakes & Powder:

The Highest Protein, Lowest Carb, Lowest Fat AND Lowest Calorie Protein Meal Today!

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Protein Bars:

The World’s ONLY Low-Sugar, Low- Carb Protein Bar that’s Actually HEALTHY for You!

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Finally a Genuinely Healthy alternative to the deceptively unhealthy, fat & sugar loaded “meal replacement” and “energy” shakes and bars.

PermaLean® Gourmet Protein System Puts the Health Back into Health Food, with Great Tasting, Low Fat and Low Sugar Alternatives to Ordinary “Diet” and Energy Bars. Try one of our Permalean Weight Loss Muscle-Building Protein Meals and Protein Snacks today and take the first step to a Healthier, more Energetic and Leaner You!

* No genetically modified ingredients High Protein and Low net Carbs

* No Trans Fats, Preservatives or Toxins

* Low Glycemic and Very Low Maltitol

* For All Body Types, Ages and Health Situations

> 5 Servings of vegetables & nutrients in 1 small scoop!
> Reduces appetite, boosts metabolism, and helps lose body fat.
> Improves mental acuity and protects your memory.
> Tastes great and mixes instantly in water.
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The PermaLean® Gourmet Protein System is the first big step on the road to a Healthier, more Energetic and Leaner Life for People of all Body Types, Ages and Health Situations.
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What do Dan O'Brian, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Sandra Bernhard, Celebrity Actress and Performer, have in common?

They both love the PermaLean Gourmet Protein System!

… I eat at least one PermaLean Protein Bar every day. It’s the healthiest, natural, high protein, low sugar meal I have seen. I highly recommend the bars and the protein shakes. Great job!
-Dan O’Brian
1996 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist

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